ActiPOINT supports now Windows VISTA and Windows 7
- SNOM - Multi line TAPI for VoIP-phones from SNOM using ActiPOINTsnomM -
- SNOM - TAPI for SNOM with additional telephony features offers AsnomTAPIduo -
- SKYPE - ActiPOINTskypeD the Skype connector for ActiPOINT -
- Lotus Notes - Integration of ActiPOINT in Lotus Notes using ActiPOINTnotesD -
- Outlook - Integration of ActiPOINT in Outlook using ActiPOINToutlookD -

Last update 12/03/09

Run of installation (V1.11.07.09)

  1. Download the version for Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7:
    • > ActiPOINT
      4,14 MB
      (md5sum: 741cea7dd42583c76ff0fe5ac8ad1681)
  2. Execute ActiPOINTsetup.msi
  3. Change in the installation directory of ActiPOINT
    c:\Program Files\COMIREL\ActiPOINT\
  4. Start the COMIREL_LicenseTool.exe for a trial license request.
TIP - Determine you the appearance of ActiPOINT- Alternative GUI`s - TIP

TIP - Here you find a collection of TAPI capable PBX - TIP

  HINTS :  
  • The TRIAL time period is limited to approx. four weeks. At the end of this period the program is functionally no more usable.
  • You can request a TRIAL license (file) using COMIREL's license tool. You can start the license tool out of the ActiPOINT info dialog or the installation directory. Or you can download the license tool here. For each individual case COMIREL decides on the assignment of a TRIAL license (file).
  • callto: How do you link callto links in Web pages/applications to ActiPOINT or AsnomTAPIduo is discribed shortly in the SUPPORT > FAQ. Callto links allow to initiate calls straight out of Web pages/applications with one click.

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